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Thread: take a bow...

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    Unhappy take a bow...

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    Hello, TMians. I just want to congratulate everyone who made it into their dream schools and desired courses. I really envy all of you...

    Of the eight schools that I have applied to (Haven't heard from Berkeley, but I am not expecting anything from them...), I only made it into one (UMN for MS Enviromental Health). The problem is that the school cannot offer any form of financial aid or assistantship. I know that I cannot afford studying in their university, so I am most unlikely to accept it...

    The rejection of the six schools I applied for PhD Chemistry and MS Occupational & Environmental Hygiene (CMU, MSU, UCSD, TSRI, UBC and SUNY Syracuse) was really painful to me. I am so demoralized for their reasons of rejection. MSU said that I have a weak transcript and low GRE chemistry score. TSRI said that "my application does not compete favorably enough with the other candidates." UBC said that "only top ranked applicants are offered admission to the program." And the list goes on...

    No matter how painful and unbearable the rejections were, maybe I'll just try to take some time in accepting them. Maybe they were not just meant to be. I really tried my best, God knows how hard I tried studying for those standardized exams and exerting tremendous time, money and efforts in the application process. I really gave it all, but maybe my best just wasn't good enough. I'll just try to move on, although it maybe very hard...

    This maybe a curtain call for me. Again, I'd like to congratulate everyone who made it into their dream schools and respective programs. All of you inspire me. I will try my best to hide the tears from my eyes and prevent them from falling...

    Thank you TMians for the opportunity.

    Taking a bow,

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    Re: take a bow...

    Dearest Taqhkenty, I deem you as the bravest person of this forum who, after facing rejects, cheer for others.

    I can imagine how tough it is for you currently. I understand your pain of giving your energy and time to them and hearing heart-tearing remarks from them.
    I am sorry.

    But the general aspect of life has something very good stored for you.
    ( I know it is easy for me to say so, but I am with you in your grief too. )

    Try to apply at best schools in your hometown or do some course or job. Then apply for next year.

    Try to apply to correspondence courses or part time. Do not loose hopes man!!!
    Look out for other options, i.e your stream in good univ. of other nations.Stay open to ideas.

    I hope my words lessen your pain. After few days, everything will be alright.
    Remember, if you loose today, you are bound to get tomorrow.

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    Re: take a bow...

    "If there's magic in boxing, itís the magic of fighting battles beyond endurance, beyond cracked ribs, ruptured kidneys and detached retinas. It's the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you."- from the movie "Million Dollar Baby"

    Hi Tashkenty...undoubtedly you did your best but don't bow out...instead sit this round out and come back stronger to fight your way to the dream which nobody else sees but you...

    Wishing you the very best.
    "For I know the plans I have for you" declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

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    Re: take a bow...

    I'm in a very similar situation. I applied to 7 universities and only got accepted in one (only 30% tuition waiver). Since the university where I got in is so expensive, I have also decided I cannot go there. It was a huge blow for me at first as well, but I've evaluated why I didn't get in and I've made up an action plan to attack applications for the Fall of 2006. I have thought about my interests, about the level and amount of universities I applied to, and most importantly, about the elements that might seem weak in my file. I have decided to retake the GRE (and I've taken out a lot of time to study for it), I will write a research paper (to send as a writing sample, and maybe to get published), I will try to get more feedback on my SOP, I will send in my applications earlier, I will apply to more universities, and I will contact professors I want to work with. I'm also trying to get into a better job, linked closer to what I want to do. So, a lot of hard work ahead, but I haven't stopped believing in the fact that I'm able to do this, and that I will study in the US. Of course, I do have some moments of doubt, but then I just visit the forum, read some success stories, and I'm motivated to work hard again, convinced that I can do this as well!
    I hope you won't give up on your dream! Don't forget, there are several ways of reaching it!
    Good luck! You're not alone!

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