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Thread: Help Needed

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    Help Needed

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    I'm new to this forum. I had given the GRE last year and my score is 1490/5.

    I did not join an MS program then but plan to apply for the Fall 2006 semester.

    My profile :

    BE (Electronics) - Top 1% of class
    Work Ex. - 1 year in one of the top IT companies in my country.
    (Would be 2 years by the time I join the MS course)
    extra-currics yada yada yada

    With this profile, what would you recon my chances would be to secure admission in a top program? I'm lookin at a top 20 list.

    Also, what about recommendation letters? Would letters provided by my company seniors suffice?

    Please reply.



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    Re: Help Needed

    A ltr by ur senior wld be gud, but schools want ltrs from Profs also, they think profs can judge ur ability to succeed and cope up in academics bttr than ur supervisor.
    Its a good GRE score!

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    You sure have a shot at the top 20 programs. USC u can be sure of ... they give admission to everyone and you seem much better. Letter of recommendation from seniors may work but then you need to get some fro the professors as well.
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