I would like to hear your comments on a possible admission scenario.

- I had my BS in Industrial Engineering. (Good non-US university, Average student)
- Now, I am doing MSc in Management. (Average non-US university, Above average student)
- In the second year of MSc, I will write a thesis. (My only research experience)

After this MSc programme, I would like to continue my studies with the PhD programme in Psychology offered at Princeton.

I checked the web site for the department. It appears that they accept only 8 students each year. Very challenging.

Now, what I'd like to ask, do you think there is a chance for me to get accepted to this programme? Or do you think that it would be just waste of time and money, there is no way that they accept me?

There is good opportunity with this thesis as I may work with a worldwide known professor in this area. Do you think this would make a difference given that I perform very good with this thesis ?

Does anyone know about this programme? What should I do in order to be a competant applicant for this programme? I have this summer, and next year.

Thanks in advance.

I welcome myself to the board.