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Thread: What are my chances in Economics graduate school?

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    What are my chances in Economics graduate school?

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    I'm a fourth year Economics student in the a university which is considered the best in Thailand. My major field of study is quantitative analysis.

    My GPA is a problem.My overall GPA is only about3.0
    My first two years GPA is terrible but it's better in the third year. I've got bad grades on Microeconomics&Macroeconomics but quite a good score on maths, stats, and econometrics.

    I've got 100 score in the TOEFL ibt test, but I haven't take the GRE yet.

    I did many activities at my university. However, they are not really related to academic issue.
    I had a research which I am planning to translate it into English for my better chance of admission.

    I'm preparing to apply to many schools in the US.(Economics program)
    I'd like to know my chances to get accepted in the MS programs of the following Business&Economics schools
    1- Carnegie Mellon U
    2- U Virginia
    3- Arizona State U
    4- Iowa State U

    My problem is the GPA which is very low. I wish my GRE score would help me with that. Please tell me what is my chance and what could help me get a better chance.
    Thank you very much.

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    Why don't you repost your questions to the econ phd forum? There be a lot of people to answer your questions.
    As an applicant to economics graduate schools with the chance of having a low GPA i'd say it just doesn't depend on your GPA. Weakness in one area of the application can be neutralized by strength in others. Like if your GRE score is good and your recommenders can vouche for you and account for your low GPA then you just might get in. The SOP is a factor as well.

    Since you're only applying for terminal masters, your low GPA might not be as much as a factor than a phd application. IMO, it's a good idea to keep a few safeties in lower ranked schools.

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    Thank you very much for your answer, Agarwaen. That really helps me.

    However, I have some more questions.
    1. According to my low GPA, can I finish my Master's degree in a medium rank university and try for those top universities later on the Ph.D.?
    2. What is the characteristics of a good sop?

    For those who may concern, thank you very much.

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