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Thread: new analogies for july

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    new analogies for july

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    symphony: orchestra (a written for b)
    Scofflaw: Tribunal
    Macrocosm: Universe
    Exiguous: Minuscule (degree???)
    Privy: Patent (a is not b)
    Cast: Spell
    Excogitate: Introspect (antonyms)
    Bravado: Credulity
    Philistine: Altruistic
    Ruddy: Salubrious
    Fabricate: Confabulate (synonims)

    i need the bridge PLS

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    bent :: rigid something rigid resists to bent

    symphony :: orchestra a symphony is a large orchestra (high to low degree)

    scofflaw :: tribunal (a scofflaw disrespects or is violating tribunal(judiciary) rules )

    macrocosm :: universe (subtle bridge both are synonymous have to use elimination considering options )

    exiguous :: minuscule (something which is minuscule is extremely exiguous)

    privy :: patent (something what is privy(hidden) is not patent(officially publicized))

    cast :: spell (defining characteristics eg: to cast a spell)

    Ex cogitate :: introspect (ex-cogitate is to introspect more deeply not sure)

    bravado :: credulity (a bravado lacks credulity but again the bridge is too general need to consider option and adjust the bridge )

    philistine :: altruistic (philistine(limited in scope) is not altruistic(generous))

    ruddy :: salubrious (defining characteristics a ruddy person is by definition salubrious [healthy])

    fabricate :: confabulate(fabricate is a kind of confabulate(informal chat) which is intended to deceive)

    hope it helps and yeah! pls provide options if u can.most of my bridges may be fallible any correction will be appreciated.
    just my 2 .

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