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Thread: GRE verbal: suggestions kindly requested

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    Smile GRE verbal: suggestions kindly requested

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    Hi guys....im new to this db

    I'm planning to take my gre test next Jan probably.....so I started preparing for the above mentioned....and im doing quite well in quants but when it comes to verbal....i seriously don't know where to start with!!

    So can U guys kindly provide me with some valuable suggestions on how to start the verbal preparation and proceed??

    And also the vocabulary thing-how many words should by heart everyday?? and where can I find these words??


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    For vocab, read online materials (like, new yorker, nytimes,, etc) and go to quizlet.com , search gre words/ 1000 gre words, you will get lots of vocab

    For RC( reading comprehension) , buy manhattan reading comprehension guide and go to gmatclub.com, lots of RC
    For TC and SE, buy manhattan tc and se guide, 5 lb practice problem, and off course, visit my blog for strategy..
    Check my GRE blog: http://exploregre.blogspot.com
    Visit my blog for exercise problems and strategy!EXPLORE GRE

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