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Thread: Need help in solving analogies

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    Need help in solving analogies

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    I have highlighted my answer in bold. Can you please correct me if i am wrong
    1: reckless is to caution as

    a)deliberate is to thought
    b)silly is to intent
    c)mean is to compassion
    d)alert is to sleep
    e)angry is to prudence

    unpardonable is to forgive as
    a)impregnable is to attack
    b)egregious is to counteract
    c)genial is to love
    d)intermittent is to eliminate
    e)inauspicious is to revisit

    cheese is to eat as
    a)wound is to hurt
    b)climb is to tree
    c)clean is to napkin
    d)shirt is to wear
    e)lettuce is to leaf

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    Re: Need help in solving analogies

    Analogies are no longer tested on the GRE.

    Brent - Greenlight Test Prep

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