Claim: The emergence of the online "blogosphere" has significantly weakened the quality of political discourse in the United States.

Reason: When anyone can publish political opinions easily, standards for covering news and political topics will inevitably decline.

Write a response in which you agree or disagree with the claim and the reason on which that claim is based.

Online blogs are at the forefront of connecting people from various communities, cultures and race. They provide a platform where people can post their views on a particular topic with utmost freedom and others can read these views easily. These blogs very often contain posts where people put forward their political views and these may influence readers into following the ideals of the writer. I agree with the claim that the "online blog culture" has weakened the quality of political discourse as the standards for covering news and political topics declining is inexorable due to the freedom online blogs provide to present political views.
People all over the country are glued to their mobile phones and computer screens and are reading blogs all the time. Blog writers who are cogent in their writing can be great influencers and would tie a blindfold on the reader's reason. Hence a reader who is influenced by a particular writer's view will turn blind eye to anything said opposite to it. Since everyone in world has the liberty to write a blog, the quality with which information should be covered declines tremendously. Untrained individuals are swayed by bias and would cover news with prejudice which would not present the complete picture to the reader.
For example, a person who supports a particular political party will present how the party is involved in something good to such an extent that the readers will credit the party immensely even though the actual participation of the party was miniscule. Similarly, they would draw curtains on the not so good things done by the party and create a parallel track to blame it on the opposition.
Trained professionals on the other hand, cover news holistically without any undue bias. They do not try to support a particular group in their coverage but try to provide enough information for the audience to reach a conclusion by themselves. Due to the freedom of online blogs, it is very difficult for all these professional voices to reach the masses effectively as with useless noise, these posts tend to get blurred with the audience.
Hence, I would say that the political discourse in the United States is weakened by the emergence of online blogospheres. It is absolutely necessary that audiences are presented news of the highest standards which they deserve.