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Thread: Please rate my GRE Issue Essay

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    Please rate my GRE Issue Essay

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    (Question is there in the attachments)

    A leader is an individual who is charge of a number of individuals, institution, or an organization. As such, he must possess certain qualities to be successful or effective. the more important of these qualities are excellent moral judgment and the respect of his peers. while it is necessary for a leader to command the respect of their peers, it is even more essential that they are someone with sound moral judgment.
    A leader who emphasizes on morals will do what is best for their people. consider the example of the leader of a nation. they might make a policy decision that immensely benefits their subjects, but costs the government coffers a large sum of money. one such example would be free healthcare. while taxes would rise for the people, they would obtain reliefs in healthcare payments. this policy may be ridiculed by the leader's opponents or even other party members, but it ultimately worked towards the greater good.
    Role models play a huge part in influencing the choices people make. A morally sound leader always strives to uphold a certain standard, regarding ethics and general well-being. They are aware that their subjects or employees look to them for guidance and direction. if the leader can positively influence their lives, he will have made the world a better place for future generations. consider a company's CEO. if he chooses to follow a policy of never being late to work, the employees will also strive to emulate this behaviour. this will increase the productivity of the company.
    a leader with such qualities can change the mindset of his peers as well. many a time, other leaders have selfish, profit-minded motivations, which may be detrimental to people around them. A CEO may only think about his dividends from the company, while paying his employees the minimum wage. A fellow industry leader with morals will be pivotal in showing him the error of his ways. Many leaders today take pay cuts themself just to maintain the salaries of their employees.
    While it is essential for a leader to have sound moral judgment, it can be detrimental to them at times. due to his staunch beliefs, a leader may alienate himself from his peers. for example, in a board meeting a majority is required for making certain decisions. A leader who lacks the support of his peers may not be able to enact certain policies he proposes.
    It is evident that an effective leader must possess moral judgment which is beyond reproach. this will benefit himself as well as the people around him.
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