Government funding for purely scientific endeavors, such as space exploration, should be reduced in order to direct more funding toward humanitarian science projects.

In the modern era, tons of funds are allocated for research and growth in science and technology. Its only due to the scientific development that we are able to communicate wireless accross the globe, see images of black holes and many other uncountable inventions. These might not have been possible if government had not fulfilled the monetory requirements. The issue claims that authoritites should decrease the funding provided in scientific endeavors and should direct these funds towards science projects devoted towards humanitarian needs. Indeed, doing so would lead to more money towards science projects that serve the society. This may seem right for particular nations where finance is a major issue but for nations with plenty of funds, this claim turns to be obstructing the nation's growth.

Funds in purely scientific endeavors like space exploration should not be stopped. In today's world, the power of a nation is indirectly displayed by the quality and quantity of space missions completed successfully. Countries show their superiority by sending satellites to orbits of mars and other parts of solar system. A fear is brought in the minds of rival nation by such space explorations. If such space projects are to be cancel due to lack of funds, there is an harm to human safety. Fear amongst rival nations would be reduced and can at worst lead to wars.

Investors are always on a look for the new tech in the market. There is a crazy flow of money where technology promises future. This is one of the reasons why countries that research on purely scientifc projects have a strong economy. For example, USA has tons of funding available for almost all the scientific fields. This has lead to many foreign companies to invest in the USA and many people to migrate here to persue their dreams in research. Due to this, the economy has become firm and the country is benefiting as a whole. Had government not put in enough funds towards purely scientific endeavors, would the country be as great as it is now?

It is clear that these scientific developments and space endeavors require huge funds. This a major reason why poor nations do not have significant space projects. It is not wise to put in money in building space crafts when a countries can not feed its citizens. Poor countries thus need to focus on science project which help their citizen directly.

In essence, I disagree with the statement that funds should be diverted towards humanitarian science projects from the purely scientific project as long as the country has enough funding for both. The priority for money allocation should be clear to the government. The money should first go to project fulfilling human needs and then towards purely scientific research.