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Thread: Please rate the essay . plz plz plz... be honest

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    Please rate the essay . plz plz plz... be honest

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    Government officials should rely on their own judgment rather than unquestioningly carrying out the will of the people whom they serve.

    I disagree with the fact that government should exercise complete power in making all decisions. In my opinion democracy, that is a government for the people,by the people and of the people is the best means for ruling any country. But at the same time I also feel that in certain situations like emergencies the government officials must take certain decisions which they feel is the correct way of handling the problem.They must serve the will of the people but must also practice certain restraint in doing so. They must be given the authority to make decisions which they feel is the best for the people.

    There can be situations such as natural calamities like earthquakes in which the government officials must decide the best means of how to help the people recuperate from the present situation. Questions like how much money must be contributed for the relief operations how to reconstruct the houses, buildings etc. which may have fallen down must be pondered over and adequate steps taken.In these cases it is the government rather than the people which can best decide what steps to take and the people can only help by extending their support to the government.

    But Democracy no doubt is the best way of ruling any country.It is ultimately the people of the country that the government has to serve. They must take into consideration the requirements of the common man before making their decisions. The common man must be given a say in the shaping of their own country. By offering their ideas and viewpoints they are helping the government officials in their job. The ideas given by the citizens may help in the betterment of society. It may reduce the burden which lies on the shoulders of the government officials.

    A government is designed to serve the people of its country and it can do so by knowing the views of the people. In backward countries for example like the countries of Africa democracy can play a vital role in the upliftment of the society. Asking people about the basic amenities they require can help in their better living. Countries for example India get quite a lot of their revenues from agriculture. Serving the needs of the farmers by providing them with the basic equipments they require for farming can help not only the farmers in their living but also contribute to the growth of the economy. Thus we see that serving the will of the people by interacting with them helps not only the people themselves but also helps the economy.

    Interaction with the comman masses is the best way to know the requirements of the common man. Govrnment must be ableto reach out to the people and solve their problems then only can a gvernment be successful. That is why voting is the best means of allowing the people to elect their own leader. But the people must remember that by electing their leader they are giving him the authority to make decisions which he feels is the best for them. Hence in conclusion I would just like to say that a government must be built to serve the will of the people. It must function in order to improve the life of the people and make it better for them.But the government must also be bestowed with powers so that they can make decisions which may sometimes with those of the common man but may be right in their own eyes.

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    I think your essay is very good. I only feel that you should have explained more why people's will must be restrained to some degree. But its just my feeling.
    I think there are no major flaws in your writing.

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