Hello , I am new to AWA , this is my first issue response from the issue pool , I would love to have your thoughts

As people rely more and more on technology to solve problems, the ability of humans to think for themselves will surely deteriorate.

Response :

No I disagree with the above statement , Technology has seen a tremendous growth over last few decades but ability of humans to think for themselves wont deteriorate .

Problems falling in many realms including social , economical and cultural can only be solved by humans as in order to solve these problems , we have to connect with other humans, understand their emotions , feelings , problems etc. Technology even though pretty advanced cannot yet solve these kinds of problems and wont do so in the near future. We cant imagine technology solving problem which involves religious riots , or handling corruption .
To corroborate , The fact that even with sophisticated and advanced technologies , we cant solve so many human problems provides provides a strong evidence.

The problems that technology are centered around algorithms that are very restricted , they can work only when we pass precise problem statement as input parameters, but what if the problem itself is wrong and we dont know the correct problem or root problem ? Unfortunately Technology cannot help in this scenario , but humans can , and they can work towards finding the correct problem and then proceeding to the solution.

More over Technology has broadened the scope for us to think , and now we can use data sets of information provided by the technology to even think differently , Technological advancements like Artificial Intelligence has provided humans with a different perspective to think .

To Conclude, I dont think technology will deteriorate ability of humans to think , they will only enhance it .