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Thread: How to effectively come up with strong examples

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    How to effectively come up with strong examples

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    I know this may be a silly question, but I have trouble coming up with effective examples when writing my essays, more specifically, the issue analysis essays.
    I tried researching how to improve my writing skill, yet all the websites that I came across didn't explain how to come up with good examples.
    I understand that examples are drawn from history event, pop culture, politics and science field. However, I am an international student and I unfortunately have not taken American history back in high school (history was one of my most hated subject so I didn't take it in undergrad either), I also have not been following pop cultures and politics
    I am wondering if people can share how they came up with effective and persuasive arguments AND counterarguments under such time constrain.
    Thank you guys in advance! I am planning on taking my first GRE test this May or early June

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    Re: How to effectively come up with strong examples

    hey mtcchu,

    I have a similar problem. I am by no means a master at brainstorming examples, and I, too, feel that I have not too many experiences to use.

    what has helped me is to just write about topics and subjects that are important to me.

    If it fits and I can explain how it relates to the prompt, then who cares if it is a relatively uncommon example! The more uncommon I think the better because it will catch the reader's attention after reading 200-500 essays on Abraham Lincoln or how medicine has irradiated polio.

    You have lived alot of life up to this point. Trust your experiences to be enough to answer this essay.



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