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Thread: GRE Chemistry subject test preparation help

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    GRE Chemistry subject test preparation help

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    I am a physics major with a passion for chemistry that I might want to pursue. Unfortunately I do not have time to complete both a physics degree and a chemistry degree in the 1.5 years I have left as an undergrad. I would however like the option, as a chemistry minor, of taking the chemistry GRE's. I'll probably have taken General chem I/II, Organic Chem I/II, Physical Chemistry I/II, Quantitative analysis, and all the accompanying labs, as well as one course in chemistry computer applications or something of that nature. So My question is, can anyone suggest any other areas of chemistry (along with good textbooks) where I might lack due to my limited classroom time? I have taken all required math classes for a chem major (and then some as a physics major). Thank you!

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    advence about prepair chemistry

    you can log in amazon.com where you can find some book. that books you can buy.
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