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Thread: GRE chemistry by Princeton Review

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    Question GRE chemistry by Princeton Review

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    Hi every one, I am thiinking of ordering Cracking the GRE chemistry by Princeton Review on the Amazon. Can anyone tell me whether the book is good.

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    i bought the same book
    wud like to know its pros and cons

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    It has several errors, but it has good review material, provided that you are using the book to review and not trying to learn everything for the first time. If you are learning material for the first time, it is helpful to use other test prep/test book materials/websites in conjunction. It also separates the test into sections. It focuses on the crucial aspects of the test. It is not the most thorough though. You will need more challenging material to seriously study for the test. It is a solid foundation.

    Overall, worth it. It's $10-20, depending where/when you order it, and used/old; there just aren't very many GRE chemistry test prep books out there! There is not enough of a market, so the fact that there is one availabe for cheap (I got mine for close to $10), just get it. I spent half as much on late fees in the library.

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