Sooo, I took the CS GRE in November and just got my scores over the phone... I thought the test had gone fairly well, but evidently I was wrong - my scores are a good ten percentiles below what I expected at 810 / 83%. Now these might still be decent scores, but the programs I'm applying to are "on the competitive side", to say the least - Two of them I'd say would generally be considered to be among the top three programs in the US, while the third program I'm applying to is slightly less competitive but still in the top 10 or 20. I was in touch with a faculty member at university #3 a while ago, and their advice was that if I did take the subject test, then I should aim for 85th percentile at the very least. One of the more competitive programs says on their website that generally they're expecting "upper nineties".

So I have no clue what to do. My applications are really strong otherwise I'd say (very good degree from a top university, some research experience, good GRE general, etc. etc. - my referees have all told me that they fully expect me to get into at least one of these programs), but this might jeopardize my chances completely. Do any of you have any advice for my situation?
Do you think I should even mention the test in my applications at all? Obviously the universities will still get the score reports from ETS, but perhaps I can ask them not to consider the scores?

Otherwise, the only thing I could argue is that I didn't do CS as an undergrad and so was at a significant disadvantage taking the test - that's what I was planning on writing if I scored in the low nineties though, and I am now a long way off that.

Any thoughts anyone? Any advice would be very much appreciated!