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Thread: Need help preparing study plan.

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    Exclamation Need help preparing study plan.

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    I am a Computer Scince student in his 8th semester. I am currently pursuing a 6 month training. Since my undergraduate GPA is not good I want to give the April Computer Science GRE. However I am overwhelmed by the amount of stuff to be read (I am very bad at theoretical computers) and have been procrastinating for around 15 days.
    Any advice regarding a study plan and whether I have enough time left will be very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hey Abhinav, Are you based in US or India? If in India the GRE_CS is conducted only in November and not in April.Please go through the dicussions on this topics and you will be able to put together a study plan. If planning to test in November we can collaborate on the information and plan as a study group.
    Reply to this thread and we can take it offline.
    Thank You
    Praful Memane

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    guys i am preparing for the exam too and would like to give it in november. i started with design and analysis of algorithms. lets share doubts and ideas and help each other in the preparation

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