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Thread: What is the diffference in "quality" between "Big Book" and "actual" in quant?

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    What is the diffference in "quality" between "Big Book" and "actual" in quant?

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    I've heard many times on the board that "Big Book" quant is "easier" then "Actual." Could someone plese explain to me in more detail in what sense of the word is it easier?

    I've gone through NOVA and going through Barrons now. I keep on hearing people mentioning *really* tricky problems.... could someone pllease give me an example of an Ultra tricky problem i would likelly encounter in the GRE CAT?

    I'm just trying to get a feel for how "accurate" big book may be in practice and what parts are differnt in big book questions. Is it just a subtle difference in difficulty (some subtle observation/trick) or are the problems actually more "difficult" tehcnically speaking? Thanks again.

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    The problems in Big book are comparitively easier


    Big book problems are comapritively easier to the actual.

    But we cant deny the fact that we have many tricky questions(word problems, DI) in big book itself.

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