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Thread: Difficulty level of GRE Math

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    Difficulty level of GRE Math

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    Hey everyone. I've been lurking on this forum for a while and I've been getting different feedbacks about the math section of the GRE. Some say it's pretty hard, and some say that it's relatively easy. For those who took it already, how would you describe the math section? I've recently started studying with the Arco Math Review book and there are several hard concepts that I am struggling with, especially in terms of word problems. At first, I wasn't very worried about math because I'm not too bad at it, but now I'm getting second thoughts. Any feedback would be extremely helpful!

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    I believe there is a general consensus that powerprep is the closest match of difficulty level of actual gre. I felt Arco problems fall in the easy to medium range of the powerprep questions.
    Between powerprep and the actual tests, it appears that the difference is mainly your nerves; what you do inside the prometric pressure cooker.

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