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Thread: Improvement in GRE physics

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    Improvement in GRE physics

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    To my view point ,GRE physics can be improved significantly if one solve a lot of problems while preparation and does not waste time doing one problem only.
    I improved my score on GRE pyhsics by buying the following problems.
    Physics by Hliday/Resnick/Krane.
    Physics by Gettys.
    Gold resources notes.
    The most important factor that improved my score that i bought all manuals also.I didnt stop on one problem if i failed to solve it.
    I tried mt best to solve each problem but when i observed that i cant solve it,i opened my solution manuals to solve it.In this i solved a lot of problems in minimun time.
    Another advantage of using manuals is that one become familiar with a lot of approaches to one problem.The problems on face in real GRE are similar to these problems.
    Above metiones books one ccan buy from amazon.com(www.amazon.com)
    and manual can be bouht from goldresources (studyresources@yahoo.co.in)
    studyresources also has a website but i dont remeber its name.Google it if you are interested.

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    Dear asim,
    I am khurshed from Bangladesh. WIlling to seat for GRE in Physics soon. Your success inspired me. Would you please help me with GRE Physics study materials and solved problems? please let me know How can I get assistance from you?

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