I sat for my subject test in November and have finally received my scores in the mail (the first sending got lost but ETS was nice enough to send another free of charge ). I scored 810 on the test (past the 99th percentile). My experimental was also past the 99th and my social scored at the 98th. =)

I would actually recommend (if you have the time for it of course) one use general psychology intro books ,intro to area x (e.g. biopsychology, cognition) type books as well as a good text on the history of psychology to prep for this exam. I did read kaplan and barron and while they did help, most of questions on the test that i would not have been able to answer based on what i had covered in my undergrad, came from the area intro texts.

My total prep time was only a week as i sat for my real GRE (which was a more important goal for me) about a week before i sat for the subject test (though that week was one of those "cram every moment i can" type weeks.

The exam itself was much easier then i expected it to be. I think even without cramming, anyone with a good background in the area should do quite well. ...best of luck to everyone planning to sit for this paper!