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    I have not studied Psychology in college. Cn I study straight from the kaplan study guide?
    Also can you recomend an introductory textbook to use in conjunction with the kaplan, or a list of books nessecery for the test

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    Re: advice

    HI Jazmt!
    How much time do U have?
    I guess ure giving it in Nov cos theres no other date...right?

    Kaplan is quite good but also do other reading, like a Psych dictionary or soemthing.

    I ve studied Psych all my life and I stilll found things Id never heard of.SO dont worry U'll do fine.
    Take care,
    Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is for you.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    (1803-1882, American Poet, Essayist)

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