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Thread: How to read passages, especially long readings

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    How to read passages, especially long readings

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    To those students who has already take the GRE;I just wanna be sure about how do deploy a technique to deal with RC.
    The Manhattan book does not recommend not to read the entire passage while in some GRE prep blogs I have read that it can be quite deal with as TOEFL test, that is, read the first paragraph carefully to get main idea and then read just the topic sentence of each paragraph and that will suffice. Do you agree with the second tip? Do you think the second tip will work for RC questions, considering that RC section in GRE is really more difficult that TOEFL? Has anyone here try?

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    Re: How to read passages, especially long readings

    I would agree that gauging the author's main claim or main issue is key. Skimming for claims and their defenses is a good way to hunt for the pertinent info.
    Best of luck!

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