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Thread: Text Completion

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    Text Completion

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    Proponents of the International Style in architecture called for reducing buildings to purely
    functional form and found beauty in highlighting ____(i)_____ features. They rejected
    references to _____(ii)____ and historical styles and offered designs indifferent to location, a
    quality subsequently ____(iii)_____ by those who viewed the style as bland or unappealing.

    Blank (i) : structural, aesthetic, hackneyed

    Blank (ii) : oracular, vernacular, secular

    Blank (iii) : disparaged, embraced, reclaimed

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    Re: Text Completion

    (i) structural
    (ii) vernacular
    (iii) reclaimed

    The sentence says that the proponents of International Style in architecture build designs that are structurally strong and offer objective designs that are indifferent to location.
    They simultaneously reject vernacular (regional architecture) and historical styles.
    Those who view the quality of uniformity in style of architecture (that did not account for vernacular / regional differences) as bland and unappealing have reclaimed it.

    Note that hackneyed does mean "overused, unoriginal and trite". However, we are looking for a word that indicates that the International style has been redeemed in the eyes of the people who viewed the style as bland or unappealing. The word "subsequently" will indicate that the people who used to have a negative opinion of the style earlier are now supposed to revert it.

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