So i have two weeks to study for this ruddy test and if anyone has experience studying for this test, could you care to arrange the following in order of significance:

1. Multivariable Calculus (Stoke's Theorem, Green's Theorem and all that velocity and acceleration business).
2. Differential Equations (solutions to homogeneous and non homogeneous equations).
3. Analysis 1 (Sequences, Borel Theorem, Properties of Compact Sets)
4. Analysis 2 (Weiberstrauss's Theorem and the rest of the stuff from W. Rudin)
5. Analysis 3 (Metric Spaces etc etc)
6. Algebra (Group Theory, Rings, Homomorphisms etc)

I do know that this list is not exhaustive, but the rest, that i omitted are material i am already working on, its jut that in the limited time, i would like to focus my efforts and which of the above must i study at length?

Any suggestions?

p.s. this is my first post here so if the above is a bit redundant, forgive me.