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Thread: Math Subject GRE to compensate for poor math grades

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    Math Subject GRE to compensate for poor math grades

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    I have a bachelors degree in electrical engineering from a top college in India and I am looking to pursue a Master in Finance/Mathematical Finance from a US University. My GPA is 3.2/4 however, I have really poor grades in math courses that I took during my undergrad studies. Anyway, all this is past. Since graduation, I have cleared the first level of CFA exam and also hold a PRM (Professional Risk manager) designation. My question is that can a good score in GRE Subject Test (Math) compensate for very poor grades in undergraduate studies ? Or should I give up the idea of getting admission to a good school?

    Thanks !

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    which kind of school you are looking for ?
    If you are looking for something like MFE, then good score in GRE Math subject test will help, but you will have to be at the top and not to mention that this is just one of the criteria.

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    Yes GRE Maths is going to help you. GRE Maths is a tuff exam; it has Calculus which is 50% and other areas like probability.
    It is a good exam and is very basic exam. I recommend you to give the exam and get 90% which will require some hard work.

    Now check any course of Fin Engg it has lots and lots of Maths hence GRE Math and CFA Level 2 pass plus a GMAT 700+ will get you in top college.


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