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Thread: Advice for Ph.D.

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    Advice for Ph.D.

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    Dear folks,
    Since I am new to this blog it will take me sometime to get acquainted.I am interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in the field of Life Science,so i wanted to know whether it is mandatory to appear for the "Subject test" since I have completed my Master's in Biotechnology.Apart from this I would be grateful if anyone could advice me as to how to give a head start to my preparation and do things in a much systematic and easy way.
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    The Fall semester, as many of us know, is a popular semester for writing letters of recommendation and advising seniors on their future. As a math professor in a small liberal arts school, I am aware that many (most?) of our majors are not going to go on to graduate school. Certainly, it is not true that math majors can only have careers in academia. There are many options for them and this fact has led to higher enrollments in the mathematical sciences (I think). But this doesn’t mean that we should discourage students from pursuing academic careers, and in this post I will share some of my thoughts on when and how to advise students to pursue higher degrees in mathematics.

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