Hello everyone,

My name is Rose, I'm a psychology major in the process of completing my final year of undergrad, and I have a couple of questions about both the general GRE and the psychology subject test. (Not content-wise, but rather registration and administration-wise.) The grad program I am getting ready to apply for requires scores from both tests, so I'm hoping that someone on here has taken both of the tests and could provide some insight for me. Here are my questions:

When you register for the psych subject test, are you simultaneously registering for the general GRE as well, or just the subject test? I am just curious as I'm not sure if the GRE and the subject tests are administered in the same day, or if they are separate altogether in terms of payment, registration, and administration. Basically, I am just wondering if I have to register/pay for them and/or and take them at the same time, or if they are completely separate.

My preference would obviously be to take them separately, so I can get the general GRE out of the way earlier and focus more on psych, but I can't tell from the website if they are supposed to be taken on the same date or not. With the $150 subject test fee, I wasn't sure if that included both tests, or if I had to pay an additional fee to take the general GRE either.

Also, while I'm at it, does anyone have a particularly good test prep book (or other prep materials- for either test) to recommend, too? So far, I have been going through all of my notes for psychology, and using this nice set of GRE flashcards that I found on Brainscape to study for the subject test, and I've also been studying some GRE vocab words and refreshing my math skills a little for the general test. Although I have quite a bit of material to keep me occupied for now, I know I'm going to need some more resources if I want to perform well on these tests, but there are so many different GRE prep books and flashcard sets, etc (and some of them are so expensive) that I can't decide what to buy.

If anyone who has taken both tests could provide some insight on any of these things for me, I would really appreciate it! :)