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Thread: Great Books For GRE Vocab Words

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    Great Books For GRE Vocab Words

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    I just finished a book that had more GRE words than anything I've ever read before. It's called Gandhi and Churchill by Aurthur Herman. I am (obviously) very interested in the subject of this book, but others may find it dry. Seriously though, GRE words everywhere. I took my GRE just 3 months ago (Dec 2012) and got a 167 on the Verbal. I beleive it's a 97%. I was reading the book for fun and read part of it before the GRE and the rest after. (It's a long book and it took a while to finish it because I was busy with application stuff).

    Anyways, I wanted to start this thread to see if anyone else would recommend other books that are laced with GRE words like this one was. I wish I had discovered this forum before I took the test and before I sent in all my applications, it would have helped a lot becasue there are some great folks on here.
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    I assume most of the Non-fiction books are good for the vocabulary as well as for the RC passages.

    The NY times list would be the best list to start with..

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    Yes, anything that helps me apply or see in application the words that I learn is good for GRE. I also like the 45 day GRE vocab book..i like the crosswords there quite a lot

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