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Thread: Studying for GRE Vocab made easy

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    Heart Studying for GRE Vocab made easy

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    Hi Guys,

    I am preparing for GRE and my exam is in Jan '21. My math section is a little weak and inspite of that i found the vocab section the most trying. Remembering all these words is a task in itself and there are JUST SO MANY WORDS!!!!!
    So anyway when i couldnt do it myself i turned to apps which could help me atleast to some extent. In that search i came across an app by GREedge. The app is called GREedge WordBot and OMG guys the app is so amazing. It has visual aids to help remember the words, it has fun tests and clues and it also has levels which sort of feels like a game. The app has really made learning easy and so much fun.
    If anyone is facing the same problem as me i would definitely recommend you to try out this app.
    Also if anyone has any other better apps please so suggest.

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    Re: Studying for GRE Vocab made easy

    Way to go with the self promotion "Zoey", posting a nice advert with that post count of 1 and join date of Apr 2020.

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