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Thread: Best GRE study guide? I really liked my math lab with how to and then sample problems

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    Best GRE study guide? I really liked my math lab with how to and then sample problems

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    Looking for a GRE study guide either online or paperback. I am a liberal arts major looking to start grad school April 2016 and lack the math skills. Some of the math material I do not remember at all.

    I would like a study guide that will tell me how to do a problem and then has several similar sample problems of that type to practice and really learn each concept. In undergrad I have a program called mymathlab which I find very beneficial if any of you are familiar with it? Would love something similar for the gre.

    I bought the book CliffsNotes GRE math review and I like the way it break downs how to do problems although it does not offer similar problems to do on my own of that type which is how I actually learn and remember. So I end up quickly forgetting the concept I just read about due to lack of doing similar problems.

    I plan to go to Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul. My advisor said the grad school has an average of 570 for gmat and the gre score is not listed but would be comparable.
    I am open to an online or paper review. Or even an in person course although I am not sure if that will work around my classes.
    Any advice is appreciated.

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    Re: Best GRE study guide? I really liked my math lab with how to and then sample prob

    We have an online study guide here - Study Guide - Overview | Greenlight Test Prep Online Course
    It can be used in conjunction with our free GRE video course.


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