So I am using Magoosh for my GRE prep and I just wrote my first essay and since the portal itself won't grade it, I was wondering if any of you good samaritans will take on the job. Please keep in mind that this is my first essay and I am still working on time management and thus couldn't find the time for a final edit. So please go a little easy on me peeps.

Leaders are the mirrors which reflect the society they represent. Thus, a society with good morals is inclined to select a leader with good morals. However, it is imperative that a leader does not let his morality to be extrapolated as the morality of the whole nation and thus respect the wishes of his peers and subject. Thus, respecting peers should take up a higher preference than moral judgement.

Morality is nuanced and reaching a strict definition can be very hard to achieve . Thus, a good leader should understand that his view of morality might collide with someone else's and should make it his utmost priority to make sure that the decisions being undertaken justify morality of 'many' and not 'the one.' Historical instances where leaders have assumed the role of rulers have bore sour fruits, as is made evident by the likes of Stalin and the infamous Hitler himself. Thus, respecting peers and the ones being lead must be of the utmost importance to a sound leader.

Freedom of expression and extending by the same branch -free speech, is the pillar over which great nations thrive, and while the concept may seem a burden to be bore by light shoulders, great leaders have never run away from the responsibility. Individuality, achieved through respecting different opinions, even if they oppose your ideology keeps a check on power and makes sure absolute power does not corrupt revolutionary thinkers.

Moreover, a leader who tends to neglect the needs of his subjects ends up with a shortage of opinions and a single dimensional view on issues, thus making decisions that are inclined to serve his own morality and consequently, lead to destabilization of fabric of the entire nation.

However on the other hand, respecting the wishes of everyone can be a heinous task and can lead to delay in decisions. Moreover, in a society that is inherently disturbed, the majority might hold an opinion that is morally disturbing, and in cases like those, leaders have to assume command to lead their subjects down the right path to maintain the sanctity of humanity.

To summarise, respecting peers should be a little higher on the agenda for a leader than sound moral judgement as morality can not be defined easily and it is beneficial to go by the masses.