Hello everybody! As indicated by our username, we are a non-profit organization dedicated to offering free mentoring services for prospective GMAT test-takers, particularly those that come from a background of financial limitations or disadvantage in some way. To date, our program has matched more than 250 mentees with GMAT mentors that have been highly successful in writing the exam.

Our organization has been growing rapidly over the past half-year, and as such, we are looking to take our model and expand it to other exams. Being closely related to the GMAT, we thought the GRE would be a good place to start.

Having no expertise on the exam, we're looking to bring somebody in to lead the development of this new project. This person would work closely with the existing GMAT Mentors team to bring our model and apply it to the GRE.

Please note that this is a volunteer opportunity that may consume anywhere from 3-10 hours per week.

You can find more details about us and the role in the attached file (see the last role description), or on our website (found by googling our name)GMAT Mentors Recruitment Role Descriptions.pdf

Thanks, and if you have any questions feel free to email us at "support@gmatmentors.com" or ask away below!