I was wondering if anyone is able to check over a major assignment I have completed, and point out any errors I may have made. I am fairly confident it is all correct, but if someone can give it another once over that would be great. If you're not able to do this, is it okay if you can check over 2e), 6c) and 5f) at least. The questions follow along with each other, so I have attached a link with each page of the assignment (it is six pages long) that will open in another browser.

With 2e) - I have written that it is reflected on the x-axis. Is this the correct terminology, or would it just be "on its axis"?

With 5f) - I am new to using derivatives so am not sure on this one.

With 6c) - I am concerned whether the answer is either 113.2m or 113.3m. I put 113.3m, but this is with using the previously rounded values in my distance formula. Would I have to use the original non-rounded values in it for it to be correct?


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Greatly Appreciated and Kind Regards ,