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Thread: IELTS difficulty level

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    IELTS difficulty level

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    Could somebody please give me some information about IELTS exam difficulty level?
    I know it is hard to tell as it depends so much from your level of english,but I am targeting to get band score 6 which would allow me to enter to university?
    It seems that reading part is really hard for me and listening isnt that hard(I got 6.5 from listening when I took practise test)but I scored lousy in reading,band score 5.
    So what is actually the level of person who gets 6 or a little bit over it?

    Worried since my test is after 10 days


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    A student with a 6.0 will still need a great deal of help to use English at university. A 6.0 can put sentences together and knows the structure for academic writing (and speaking) but will still have many problems with grammar. These students are usually in Upper Intermediate classes at language schools.

    You are right when you say that the reading seems more difficult - It is! The reading and writing are the main problems for most students. Practice, practice...
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