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Thread: IELTS speaking strategies

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    IELTS speaking strategies

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    Hi, everyone!

    Here I would like to share some strategies for IELTS speaking exam , that i have use to improve my IELTS score.

    1) For Part 1: Keep your answers short and simple - just one or two sentences long.

    2) For Part 2: As you're speaking, don't answer the bullet points one by one by one. Instead, focus on giving a complete description of the event, person, item, or whatever it is, and the bullet points will be answered anyway. Give as many specific details as possible.

    Also, do not try to use "complicated" or "difficult" grammar and vocabulary or your speaking could sound strange and non-native.

    3) For Part 3: Your answers should be about 3-4 sentences long. Think of your Part 3 answer like a paragraph! Say your answer clearly, explain it, and then give a specific example.

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    Re: IELTS speaking strategies

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