If a goal is worthy, then any means taken to attain it are justifiable

The above statement assumes how goals are attained should be at any cost. Individuals in attempting to get a job or a college degree are examples at how far people will go to get their dream job, or attain the highest level of education possible. Ambition is one thing, but how far will ambition take a person to attain their goal? If an individual finds the best way to reach their goal, while sacrificing to get to their goal shows how goals are still reachable for a person, rather than the self-pity, lazy man who does gives up on pursuing his goal. I would agree with the statement above because goals show the individual still has the motivation to reach his goals.
As future generations have grown there is a less motivation to reach a desired goal, or the idea of a goal has grown smaller. In the early 20th century, immigrants arrived in American from Ireland to achieve a new life, a new opportunity, the opportunity to find a job and support a family in the early 20th century was very difficult. The manageable goal for many Americans in the 20th century was built around finding a job in a very difficult way of life. The 21st century has shown how individuals have the ability to fulfill their goals within the increase in technology and other tools, but lack ambition and motivation to succeed.
However individuals still find the means to complete their goal by completing a four degree or getting a job. While the early 20th century marked the hardship of individuals trying to get a job or support a family, times have changed for the success of one’s goals to be more attainable. Only a glance at history shows how men have fulfilled their goal through difficult time periods. Thomas Jefferson achieved his goal of inventing the light bulb, and Martin Luther King attained his goal of showing how there is no difference between whites are blacks.
There is a different aspect in today’s society how individuals reach their goals. Regardless of how technology has grown there is a lower expectancy of how an individual reaches his goals in a job in a degree, or any whatever his goal may be. While history has shown how individuals have reached their goal, the desire for an individual’s goal has diminished in today’s society, but are still attainable. Goals have changed in today’s society, but regardless, those goals are achieved in the best way the individual sees best to attain it.

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