I am planning to apply for PhD in OB for Fall-2013 session. I am an international applicant. Here is a brief about my past background.

Age: 28
GRE (2012): 165(Q), 163(V)
Undergrad Subject: Economics (Maj.) (2004), Presidency College (one of the best eco. depts. as it boasts of many famous economists like Nob. Lrt. Amartya Sen)
Undergrad GPA: 3/4
MBA (2007) GPA : 3.89/4. I did MBA from a first tier college (IMT) in my country.
Work Exp : HR (Gen) profile 1 year work experience
Freelance research experience
Research Experience: 1. Management information system implementation in a large public sector organization in my country (MBA thesis). 2. Attrition study in an agro-chemical company (Internship)
Recommendation: Prof. of MIS, OB from my MBA college and Prof. from Eco. department.

I took a year break from my studies due to personal reasons. However, my interests lie in macro-OB research. I intend to apply to a few colleges such as:

1. Yale SOM
2. Indiana Kelley
3. Duke
4. Cornell
5. Carnegie Mellon
6. University of Maryland
7. UCLA (Anderson)
8. Booth, Chicago
9. PennState (Smeal)

However, I am not sure how competitive these programs are as it is very difficult to gauge from the other side of the globe. I am not sure if my profile is enough to get calls and final acceptance from these places. Should I apply to more colleges? If yes, please advice as to which other colleges I should apply. Further, could you please suggest a few safety colleges? I am not sure if I've any on my list. Moreover is GRE considered by admission officers for I've read a few articles stating that b-schools still prefer GMAT.

Apart from this I need advice regarding faculty and research in OB. I am mostly interested in employee social network, gender, leadership, and study in area of org change study. However, I am not sure which colleges have good departments to support my research interest. Please advise.

Further, I am a single parent, and am interested to relocate with my son. Are stipends provided by b-schools enough to sustain a small family? I am not sure, for many have tried to discourage me to take my son with me. Please advice as to which city-institute combination would be best suited to live on a stipend with a young dependent.

Thank you.