Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

Distance learning and online computer classes should replace classroom learning

Use specific reasons and examples to support your answers.

The technology is emerging with a boost these days, especially in the field of education. Due to all these improvement in the technology there has always been a great debate going on about replacing the classroom learning by distance learning and online computer learning. I believe that replacing the classroom learning with all the digital means of learning is a good idea. There are two main reasons why I preferto learn through the digital means like computers or mobile phones.

First of all, learning using a mobile phone or any other electronic device makes it easier for the students to gain knowledge as it has a lot of study materials available online. In the earlier times these types of facilities were not available so students had to go to schools or colleges to study. The major advantage is that due to all these technological enhancements student can learn sitting at home which reduces the cost of transportation. To cite an example, if student
s needs to attend the classes every day then they have to travel from their residence to where the classes are held and it costs money and fuel for travelling. It also saves time of travelling and the students can utilize that time in doing something creative or learning something new.

In addition to that, as technology is at its hype the classroom learning can be replaced by digital learning and the
reason behind it is that if there are online computer classes a student can access the class from where ever he/she wants. If a student misses a class he/she can attend it in his free time as it is recorded with the help of the new technology. To exemplify, if a student is stuck somewhere or he/she is not feeling well then, they can access the lectures later on whenever they are available. Classes can take place even in the extremeweather conditions as students do not need to travel all the way to attend the classes.

Ultimately, in many aspects the distance learning and online computer classes are better
than the classroom learning, as theyreduce pollution and cost of transportation for the students and the students can utilize their time in a better way.