I was initially planning to do my masters in economics from USA ( I'm from Pakistan) but my professors encouraged me to do a PhD. I need help shortlisting universities.
Undergrad: 3.49 gpa DOUBLE MAJOR IN ECONOMICS AND MATH (from a top uni in pakistan)
i have done numerous math courses like real analysis, intro to differential equation, advanced differential equation, stats, stochastic processes, abstract algebra 1 and 2, functional analysis, complex, real analysis, topology and the list goes on
gre: i haven't given yet but my quant score ranges from 157 to 162
don't have ta ship or ra ship but have written research papers for projects in unis
recommendations im getting are good ones my professors want me to go for a phd so are willing to write a great one to help me
thing is i want to apply to top 50 usa unis for phd and want to be fully funded (or at least partially). one of my teacher tells me to go for top 20 to 50 schools the other one says 50 to 100.
im confused! please help me select universities!
which ones are more welcoming to a female pakistani student apiring to do a phd with this profile?