Test Scores: 313 GRE (164 Q, 149V, 4 AW)

1. Bachelors - Engineering - 9.39/10 ( Engineering)
2. Engineering Management - 3.8 /4 (Pursuing now) -

Research Experience
: 0

Work Experience
: 5 Years (Automobile industry in India )

Concentration Applying to
: Organization Behavior

Number of Programs Planned to Apply to5
Dream Schools-

What made you want to pursue a PhD?

Love for teaching and the desire to explore Management - micro organizational behavior

Questions or concerns you have about your profile?
My doubt is regarding my

1. GRE Score - Is it good enough? I mean, I have a good Quants score and poor verbal score - What are my chances to pass the min cut off of institutes for consideration ( Given that I cannot retake my GRE/gie a gMAT now)
2. Letter of recommendation - All my recos are from my engineering prof - will this help?
3. Will my background in Engineering be a deterrent in my application