I always believe that we can learn something from the helpful forum. So any comment is warmly appreciated! And in fact my profile may seem a little bit weird since I only spend 2 years in my home institution, then during my exchange period in Master 1 international program, which is my junior year, I was admitted into a formal master program (Master 2 ETE program in TSE)and will be granted a master degree in my senior year.

Many thanks for your kind patience in advance.

Type of Undergrad: Economics & Math, top university in China from 2016 to 2020.
Undergrad GPA: 3.9/4.0 Ranking 1/239 (Freshman and Sophomore Year)

Undergrad Econ Courses: Principles of Microeconomics(A-),
Principles of Macroeconomics(A), Intermediate Micro(A), Intermediate Macro(A), Labor Economics(A), Economic issues in contemporary China(A),Economics of Money and Finance(A), Economic History of China(A), Public Finance(A), International Finance(A), Foreign Economic history(A).

Math Courses: Mathematical Analysis (I A, II A, III A), Linear Algebra(I A, II A), Probability Theory(A), Statistics(A), Mathematical Programming(B+),
Real Variable Function(A-), Mathematical Statistics(A-), Ordinary Differential Equation(A-)

Type of Graduate: Master 1 internation track in Toulouse School of Economics
Graduate Econ Courses
1st semester: Markov Chains(18.87), R programming (18), Intermediate Econometrics(14.6), Game Theory(11.3), Macroeconomics(13.7)
2nd semester Ranking 2/ 70+ in master student: Program Evaluation(17.125), Industrial Organization(18.5), Time Series(17.45), Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics(17.5), Dynamic Optimization(19), Advanced Macroeconomics(17.7), Advanced Microeconomics(16.8)

Going to be admitted into Master 2 ETE program

Programming: Proficient in R, Stata, Matlab

RA in progress:
1. Theoretical Economics, Contract theory and mechanism design (Ecno Prof)
2. Empirical Econometrics, Data Processing and Treatment effect analysis
(Ecno Prof)
3. Nonparametric statistics, Mathematical Inferences
(Math Prof)

Research Experience: 2 final projects paper.

1. Can I aim at Top 5 in USA
2. How should I bolster my math side of things?
3. Weaknesses in application?
4. How can I make up for my weakness