Hi, I desperately need your help


Undergraduate Degree: BBA from European Business School (full-year exchange in Eco and Finance)

Economics Courses:
Macroeconomics for business (in Business School Module) (A+)
Microeconomics for business (in Business School Module) (A+)
Asian Eco (A+)
Industrial Organization (A+)
Econometrics (A+)
Applied Eco (B+)
Applied Econometrics (B+)
Intermediate Macroeconomics (A+)
Labour Eco (B+)

Finance Courses:
Finance Principle (A+)
Financial Math (A+)
Financial Accounting (A+)
Financial Management (A+)

Mathematics Courses:
Statistics (in Business School Module) (A+)
Multivariable Calculus (A+)
Financial Mathematics (from Math department)(B+)
*planning to take Linear Algebra online course…

Cumulative GPA: 3.88/4.0
GRE: not yet received the result around V160, Q165-170 W4-4.5 I guess...
Research Experience:
Non-journal publication about FinTech in uni research centre
RA half year about FinTech

Professional Experiences (Intern):
Congressional offices (6 months)
Investment bank trading (2 months)
asset management sales (3 months)
venture capital sales (3 months)

Teaching Experience: No
Research Interests: Banking Intermediaries, Alternative Finance
broadly Financial Eco, International Fianance

Prospective Programs:
High Reach: Duke Master in Eco, LSE Master in Finance and Economics
Reach: Imperial Finance, CEMFI, UCL Finance, LSE Finance, Columbia Finance and Economics
Safety: HEC, KCL, my own uni master

After master, my ultimate goal is
High Reach: INSEAD PhD in Finance, Duke PhD in Finance
Reach: Top 30 Uni Finance or Eco
Safety: N/A (Go to private sector)

My Concerns
I’m from BBA in Business School, so my transcript is full of non-academic, practical courses
Severely lacking math classes

I am pretty aware that I am far away from normal profile, and quite tough application ahead, but would kindly like to know

  1. Around which uni is achievable? Do you have any recommendations for other uni?
  2. Because of my lack of academic and math classes, I am planning to apply for master, and then PhD later. But even master, I’m not sure whether I still have any chance of acceptance…

Thanks in advance.