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Thread: Started at 460, hit 600 (Q40 V31), Two weeks to a 680!!!

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    Started at 460, hit 600 (Q40 V31), Two weeks to a 680!!!

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    Hi All,

    My journey began in Sept. of 2008 when I signed up for a Kaplan Premium online course. I scored a very scary 460 on my first CAT. After four months of study, I sat for the GMAT on Dec. 29 and scored a disappointing 600 (Q40 V31). Quant is not my forte` and thus spent much of my time focused on bolstering my quant score. Sadly, it was the Verbal section that let me down. Like many others on this forum, I found the real GMAT Verbal section much more difficult than what the OG had to offer.

    I am exactly two weeks away from my judgement day. Although my original goal score was a 710, I will be very happy to score a 680. Doing so is very possible if I can perform at my fullest capacity on both sections.

    My biggest weaknesses are timing on the quant, number properties, data sufficiency, critical reasoning, and reading comp. I would appreciate any advice on how to improve data sufficiency as well as critical reasoning. I would also absolutely adore anyone that can lend quant timing techniques and best practices. More importantly, I would love to hear feed back from those that have balanced performance in both sections of the GMAT and how they manage to switch their brains over grom Quant to Verbal during the break. I feel as though this was a big obstacle for me.

    I've completed the Kaplan Online Classroom, worked my way through most of OG 11, started the supplemental OG Verbal and Quant, and purchased the GMATFocus (only finished one so far and scored 37-45). I've also done MGMAT SC Guide and a few of their CATS.

    Pretty much, at this point, I'm writing this email for catharsis, but if anyone does have any pointers, I sure would appreciate them. I promise I will pay it forward after I complete my journey.

    If not, in just a few weeks I look forward to adding my debrief of my six month journey. To date, I have taken over 10 CATS, so I'm positive I will have much feedback to provide regarding different prep tools.


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    Good job!

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