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Thread: Failure GRE HELP

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    Failure GRE HELP

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have taken the GRE for the third time. I took two months off and studied for 8-10 hours.
    1st Attempt: Verbal: 147 Quant: 153
    2nd Attempt: Verbal 149 Quant: 153
    3rd Attempt: Verbal: 149 Quant: 154

    For all three attempts I used Magoosh and Manhattan Prep material along with ETS Powerprep exams. I'm not sure what to do anymore. I spend countless hours for two months studying for this exam and only scored a 154 in Quant. I feel like you have to be a genius to score in the 90th percentile. The first time I took the exam was three years ago and studied off and on for the last three years. As a result, I took two months off work just to focus on studying and devoted all of my time to the GRE and on my last attempt which was yesterday only scored a 154 Quant. How is this possible? I failure like a complete failure and hopeless. Do I just give up and never go back to grad school. I have given it my all and seemed to still not do well. It's sad but the material is not tough i just don't understand why my performance is so poor. Can anyone please provide any guidance on how they overcame and improved and if there any score guarantee tutoring I can sign up for?

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    Re: Failure GRE HELP

    You sound like you've had a real frustrating run with GRE prep so far. It's hard to tell from your description whether you feel you have a solid background in the content knowledge. Find out how are your pre-algebra, algebra, geometry and data/statistics skills by analyzing your errors. If you discover, for example, that you keep getting exponents or geometry questions wrong - you might want to try a skills workbook like an ACT Math prep book. (I use Richard Corn's ACT book). Don't be afraid of trying innovative techniques like plugging in unusual numbers for the variable-based quantitative comparisons.

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