What an amazing group of people.

I would like to ask that when you ladies and gents come here to share your success that you put the score first in the title. It will be easier to sort the posts using the sorting function for those who are looking for certain scores. Also, in the near future, I may be implementing a feature that will make your title part of the URL, so if you can put the score and the name of the test in your title, you'll get a nifty, easy-to-remember URL.

People occasionally make posts here to reach recent test-takers (to ask them questions, etc.). I'd prefer to keep this forum on-topic, so I would ask you to post those questions in the appropriate forum. Believe it or not, you'll get a better response in those forums anyway--a lot of people come here just to read about test experiences, not to answer questions.

Please remember that an organized forum is a good forum!

Cheers to all, and congrats on all the success!