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Thread: Passed Toefl w Speaking 28

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    Passed Toefl w Speaking 28

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    Hi to all.
    I am glad my biggest nightmare has ended after almost 5 years of struggling.
    I passed the Toefl test S 28 W 24.
    Finally did it after 7-8 trials.
    If somebody tells you that is not possible to pass it, don't listen. Its hard, but possible. ETS is a respectful organisation and doesn't have time and reasons to fail you.
    I was struggling with the speaking and writing sections like everyone else.I was always getting 22-23 on writing and 23-24 speaking.
    To improve my speaking I wrote an email to notefull team and they advised me to buy their speaking electronic book which costed me only $29, I would recommend it to anyone. This helped me a lot. For the speaking Q1 and 2 make a cheat sheet where you answer most frequent questions.This will help you to train yourself to answer any question because they all are similar. For the Q4 and 6 , cut 30% of your notes. That was my biggest problem, I was always not finishing each answer on time, which is very important.
    For the writing question, try to hire a tutor to fix your writing weaknesses. This worked for me. This will help you to improve your communication skills as well, and it will give you more confidence.A big thank to my English teacher.
    One more trick, try different Toefl test centers, in special the ones in smaller cities.
    One more detail, believe in God and in yourself.God will hear and help you.
    Good luck to all.

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    Re: Passed Toefl w Speaking 28


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