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Thread: I have just took my Toefl in Montgomery/AL

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    I just took my Toefl test( it is a computer Toefl test), my score was:

    Listening : 22
    Structure/writing: 08 - 26
    reading: 24

    Total: 180-240

    My university request a score of 213, so what do i have to have for the writing, in order to get the 213.
    thank you.

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    Well, very raw score is like this: 180 + your essay score*10. This means that essay score of 4.0 is enough for you to get 213. But this is very very inaccurate.

    Good luck and get 6.0!

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    Vaya's information is good; you probably need to get 4.0 to get your 213/550.

    Here's what I had to say to the last person who asked me this question:

    There are already a couple of posts about how to figure out your score. Here's one:


    I also have a page about it here:


    Because there are always slight variations in the score, I use a simple "ballpark" method--1 essay point = 10 total points.

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