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Thread: TSE Aug 16 Questions

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    Exclamation TSE Aug 16 Questions

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    1. How can you teach young people about honesty (to return another person's property or thing)?

    2. Which do you prefer? Taking a vacation to relax or to do new activities?

    3. Thank a friend who congratulated you on your new car.

    4. Call back a disgruntled customer who received white sweaters instead of the popular colors.

    5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city?

    6. Graph: comparison of changes in population in three cities

    7. Comic strip: A man's umbrella fell unnoticed. Another man returned his umbrella. Both shared the same umbrella while waiting for the bus.

    8. Flow chart: A lecture to be given by a famous writer. report on the committee's plan on the event, what has been done, what remains to be done.

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    The forgetten question of tse on august 16 2008 is
    1)What is the effect of mahine and technology on the workers and industries.
    2)Also the question of the new car:
    -Thank your college about the congratulation of your new car .
    - What is the charachteristic of this new car.
    -Benifits of use this car in the future.

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