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Thread: honestly, my chances here.

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    Trying to make mom and pop proud
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    Heart honestly, my chances here.

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    Here are my stats:

    Applying ED to Georgetown part-time program

    Double major in English and Anthropology (4-year top tier private)
    Honors Program
    3.72 GPA, but a 3.3 LSDAS GPA
    178 LSAT

    My problem is this: My LSDAS gpa is much lower because I withdrew from a couple of semesters (got married, pregnant, had a baby, stopped caring!) and had to retake those classes. I've explained this in the space Georgetown provides (except for the stopping caring part) but I'm still afraid they'll think I'm a flake, even though my last two years have been consistently As.

    Does anyone think with these numbers and a great personal statement I have a chance? Does ED give me any edge/prove I'm serious?


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    What's ED? I'm not sure...

    I have a friend who did that program, with worse stats than yours, although he did have a few years of a PhD program behind him.

    I think if you spin your essays well, you have a serious chance.
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    Erin, I couldn't figure it out until just now... Early Decision.

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    Yes, absolutely- according to Georgetown's admissions site, the median stats for incoming students are 170 and 3.67. Your LSAT score is amazing, and your GPA, even if they use 3.3, is not very far off. Btw- I went to Georgetown and I am still buried in debt a decade later, so be careful and make sure it is worth it....

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